Verisign wins US patent to register domain names in blockchain

Verisign, one of the leading domain name registries controlling the ‚.com‘ and ‚.net‘ domains, has acquired a patent applying blockchain technology to domain names.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted patent number 10,721,060 to Verisign on July 21.

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Addresses instead of numbers
Entitled Ethereum Code User Addresses for Domain Names, the new patent outlines some of the major benefits and technical advantages associated with registrants using their DNS domain names in a blockchain network.

This provides the ability to use domain names that were acquired in the traditional DNS environment in a blockchain environment. Verisign explained that by applying this technology, the registry allows users to turn traditional domains into a „blockchain user address“ and interact with other participants in the network.

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The technology allows users to use the domains as „their blockchain presence“:

“ If a registrant owns, they may want to use it as their blockchain user address. This allows for a humane and friendly way to interact with other blockchain participants by using the domain names as addresses instead of numbers […] allows blockchain participants to use their web presence, for example,, as their blockchain presence“.

More tools for secure two-factor identification
The patented techniques include the management of public and private keys through a DNS record in the blockchain network, as well as operational requests for so-called „proof of record“ files. The system allows a blockchain network to receive and store the data about the domain name and its connection to a user address of an existing blockchain for the registrant.

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It can also allow the secure identification of two factors by „consulting the blockchain for a given blockchain network“. This will unlock additional tools to verify the user’s identity:

„For example, if an address given in a blockchain has a phone number or email address attached, these could be queried in the chain as the source for sending a message, to confirm proof of address ownership“.

The domain name industry is not new to crypt and blockchain technology. Companies such as Unstoppable Domains and MyEtherWallet have collaborated to enable the crypto community to purchase ‚.crypto‘ domains that provide decentralized domains. In March 2020, the popular Opera browser became the first major browser to integrate the ‚.crypto‘ domain extension.